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I am so glad that house hunting is over, we got a place in Clapham area. The house is a lot like our Majors Street house Mom & Dad’s room is at the end of the hall. Emeline & my room is in the middle of the hall. The kitchen is big.

bye for now

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  1. Sandra Grammie Goulding says:

    Fantastic!! I just found this today – I miss you not showing me how to work all these computers etc. I will have to go back and catch up on what is happening. Love you and miss you. Grammie

  2. Mom/Grandma/Pat says:

    Hi Eliana, I am so glad to hear you found a place to live. When you get moved in you will have to give me another computer tour so I can see your room and the rest of your house.

  3. Mom/Leanne says:

    I am much relieved to have found place also. It is small, but I think we will enjoy it very much. The parts I like the best are the two doors into your bedroom, so you can Emeline can each have your own entrance. I also really enjoyed how the sun comes in through the front windows in the living “reception” room.

    I am a bit concerned with how we will manage with one bathroom (shower & sink) and one water closet (WC – toilet & sink). People all over the world manage, surely we can also.

    It is getting painted this week, so it should look quite nice when we get there on Saturday. I hope anyway.

    thank you for posting Eliana,
    Love ya

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