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Laptop Problems and more

Sorry for not posting, for one my laptop is  messed up so I’m using my Ipad and It’s hard to multitask on it,  I also had a visit from my counselor, Ayala. So I was trying to get ready for her.  On top of that my mom has deisded that the next to weeks we will focus on SHerlock Holmes, so ofcourse the realistic fiction I am writing  will become a mystery, Which made me have to give some structure to my story so I know what happens of course! Even though I searched it up on the web and did the math for dates and times I figured out the mystery and solution, when I wrote the timeline, it starts AND ends without a mystery, maybe I’ll just sow  in a small mystery in with the story, then mom will have her fix. 🙂 Something that drove me to write was that mom, dad and I agreed that if I wrote 250 a week for one moth they would get me a writing program. That is what is driving me, Eli has one too, if she reads 100 words a week for one month than she gets her own bag of cheese balls!


Bye for now!

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  1. Sandra Grammie Goulding says:

    Emeline, your writing astounds me more each time I read your posts. Now that I found this I will be in touch more. Glad you found a house and want to hear more about it. When do you move in? LOve you and miss you, Grammie

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