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I just realized that we haven’t written since France so I’ll write a quick post.


Thank You s

Thank you to the following:

Thank you Grandpa Pat  for the books and mini mouse.

Thank you Aunt Caroline and Uncle Gary for the Amazon gift card.

Thank you Grandpa Ron and Grandma Marlyn for the money to go to France.

And Thank you all for you support.


House Hunting

Today we saw one of three houses in a area, the one we saw was interesting, it had a patio and three bedrooms witch was good but the rest of the house was only so so, and Eli nor myself liked the wall paper in one of the bedrooms. But with that said it was under some refurbishing so it was not at it’s best state.

The other day we toured a house, 66B Belsize Road I for one quite liked it, the bedroom that would be mine I quite liked as well (the other ones were good too). It had a beautiful living room, but not much storage space. But we didn’t find a school closer than a 20+ minute walk. (Oh well you can’t be spoiled in everything)


I think that is all for now!

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  1. Mom/Grandma/Pat says:

    Hi Emeline,

    You are very welcome for the gifts. Thank you for the update on house hunting. I have been wondering how that project was going for your family. I really appreciate your keeping us all up to date on the family’s activities.

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