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Nov 8

Today we road on the subway to Chalk Farm. We found a craft store and mom could have spend every pound we had. Then we went to the Stable market, it made mom and myself, maybe Eli think of Santa Cruz. First Eli and I had a hot chocolate, then we came to a churro stand, they did 4 churros and a cup of chocolate to dip them in for 3 pounds, we asked for, and got 2 extra churros for the same price. We poked around and ended up in conversation with a African-American couple who had a bunch of  homemade cookies, in bags, on a christmas tree. They had a deal, kind of thing, each cookie (a pound each) had a little piece of paper and if you guessed lucky, you got a prize (cupcake, potato chips, ect.) but if you weren’t , you ONLY got a delicious homemade cookie. 🙂 After more wandering we found a store where Eli, mom, and myself loved all the clothes they had, mom bought me and Eli each a rap skirt, but we made a agreement that mom could rap it up and give it to us for solstice. Then, that night I found a funny disney/online world of warcraft kind of thing, called Birth By Sleep. Check it out!

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  1. Mom/Grandma/Pat says:

    Emeline, I love hearing you describe your days. You make them come to life for me and they certainly help me see your new world through your eyes. Good job. Keep writing. Love you.

  2. Ayala says:

    Mmmmm…churros and chocolate! YUMMY! I am salivating just reading your account of your day. My sweet tooth has kicked into high gear now!

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