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Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day, but it was good. Today when we woke up I was reminded that I needed to make a list of what I was going to do that day. Now before be had moved out of out Santa Cruz I would make a list on monday of what I was going to do that  week. I would also make a list of what I was doing that day. I would often be like this


100 words of TS (tyne Story)

4 khan

1 10mark

write review of Watership Down


Usually  it would have around 7 things on the list, today not including PE I had 4, with PE I had 8.

We had a delicious  breakfast that is sure to be made again. Eli and myself did a mix of business and Pleasure while mom did stuff on her laptop but then, she seemed to disappear, turned out she thought it was nap time. That meant that Eli crawled in to bed. I was doomed! 🙂 Or so I thought until I remembered I had a book! and you can guess how it turned out after that! Until mom woke up, I had just a little before decided that I was going to work because there is a movie I want to watch, (not that I actually planed on working). Mom seems suspicious, that I wasn’t  working while she slept. 🙂 oh well

see ya!

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