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Frozen Planet Intro

Frozen Planet


A 5 episodeĀ  series with amazing once in a life time photography from the Arctic and Antarctic.



The introduction episode covered a wide variety of topics and went of some of the thing that would be covered in later episodes. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the videography from the crystal caverns in Mt. Erebus, Did you know that if one of the stalactites of stalagmites break, it only takes a couple of weeks to freeze back on. Another of my favorites from intro was learning about the wooly bear caterpillar. I is the first one of the insects to be out in the winter, why because during the ice and snow the caterpillar freezes, when spring comes and the snow melts, so does the caterpillar, then out it goes and eats, eats, eats as fast as it can. But then it once again freezes all winter long and it goes through the cycle for 13 YEARS! In the 14 year it melts and not a bite, it makes its cocoon and turns into a moth, it only has days now to find a mate and lay eggs before it dies. Finally I was inthralled by Mount Erebus a giant live volcano in the Antarctic, I don’t know much about it but I do know it houses the crystal caverns. During the shooting for the episode using a helicopter to get a view of the lava through the steam!


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