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So, I’ve been told plenty of times there would be things it never occurred to me I’d have to do and buy when I moved out. I thought they were kidding. After all, I knew about laundry, cooking, cleaning, supplies for all of the above. What else could there be?

What I’ve just now learned is that, while I could list everything I’d have to do and buy, I didn’t know what I’d need to do. I hadn’t fully understood. Now I do! Kind of.

One of the oddest things of the family splitting up has been all the things that I’d never thought of, and which come up with improbable frequency. Most recently, a sewing tool. That little sharp thing you use to rip seams. I would never have one, and have never needed one. This week, I did. I used a friend’s, but had this move never happened, I’d have just walked out to the workroom and said “excuse me may I borrow a seam-ripping-thing” and been done with it.

When I moved out I took a set of sheets I really liked. Once I set up my bed I remembered why I’d not been using that set. They’re twin. I have a full-sized mattress. One of those things that I neglected to snag before it was too late.

If I had to select just one example of how odd this has been, though, I’d point to my dresser. My landlords were kind enough to leave a dresser in one of my rooms, and offer it. I accepted. They haven’t touched it since the last renter used it, and apparently, she used it as a trashcan. So I’ve thrown away the stray wrappers, but as any of my immediate family can tell you, I’m mildly obsessive about cleanliness. I’ll qualify that with “in certain cases” to avoid possible disputes. My clothes are one of those cases. And to preempt another complaint, no, I do not consider holes as an obstacle to cleanliness. Anyway.

I’m looking at these drawers, and the basket of clean clothes. I know I need to do something to the dresser to make it ready, but am unsure what. A sponge would likely cut it. In the past I’d have walked out to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water, and complained about it. And somebody would offer a suggestion. Now, I’m just staring at them.

Do I need a sponge or a rag? Paper towels? Would my Eco-friendly landlords/housemates object? Water? Cleaning agents? Do I need to buy something for them? Do I need to get something to keep them clean so this doesn’t happen again? Does it even matter? Am I ever going to fold my clothes or just look at this dresser all day?
Like Anton, I thought about the offer to go with everyone else. England has special appeal. The mixture of history, art, accessibility, and less hostility were all appealing. So was the chance to be the new, interesting person. In the end, it may have been inertia which kept me here. I can say I’m more invested here. More of my life is here. This is true. I even have a hard time accepting I’ll have to let go of some friends as they move off and pursue their own lives. But it isn’t as though I couldn’t restart somewhere else. It’s not as though I’d be unable to handle the change.

Still, I chose not to. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be the wrong choice.



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  1. Emeline says:

    buy a dust rag like we used to have or a normal rag, they seem to come in handy. 🙂

  2. Emeline says:

    And thanks for posting 😀

  3. leanne says:

    I enjoyed your post so much. Thank you for staying connected to us.
    1) I would vacuum and wipe out the drawers with a damp cloth. If it is stinky, airing it out and a lavender sachet would be my choice. I bet a grandma would suggest putting in some shelf paper. Used wrapping paper would be an eco friendly choice (avoid newspaper as the print can rub off onto your clothes).
    2) Your choice to stay will never be the “wrong” choice. It is just a choice. I miss you, and your brother so much, but I know that having the space to become your own person is important.
    Again, thank you for connecting with us. I look forward to more updates on your own journey.

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