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Man, NYC is the place where thousands of ┬ápeople live and I’m just starting to know why. The food. The people. The sights. The business. The life though not at all live home in California, New York is anything and everything, but quiet! Just walk down the street and you’ll know why people live here for yourself the vendors, the construction, the fashion. People though not in the same way as in Santa Cruz have a style and don’t mind sticking out big or not sticking out but if your half way, good luck your a tourist!

First order of business first day in New York City’s famous Empire State Building. 86 floors up and thinking of the buildings not-so-perfect history the fence it there when 5 people in three weeks tried to commit suicide. Tony was my, and anyone who would pay for a self guided tour, he pointed out land marks, cool facts, and told stories of the history of NY.

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