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The somewhat tiny flat experiment

Leanne and I both enjoy reading about the tiny home movement. I find something really compelling about the idea of living in a very small, heavily curated space and the videos and pictures all seem very enticing. But I’ll admit that our time in London so far makes me question my commitment to that idea. […]

Device experiments

I’ve been slowly working through 10 Days to a Better Blog and for Day 3 the exercise was to write out some thoughts on the optimal writing environment. I’m not going to do that. Instead I’m going to reflect on a couple of changes I’ve experienced in my time in London. They are both major factors […]

First Weekend in London

Saturday was everything I had hoped for, almost exactly the route I had envisioned for our first proper walk in London. We started the morning in Borough Market on the advice of my uncle Larry, and what a fantastic place to spend the morning that is. A foodie paradise, Borough Market is a dangerous place […]

The Long Day

Thursday was a very long day. Leanne took first Eliana then Emeline down to see a bit of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. After I finally finished packing up at the hotel then set out for The High Line, a park built on a bit of elevated railway. On the way we got to walk […]

I See People

Looking through my pictures there is a distinct before/after that happened on Thursday. Before I have shots of hidden surprises large and small, pigeons looking down on commoners and royalty alike, intersections at night and other contrasts that caught my eye. But starting with the cab ride on Thursday suddenly these people appear. The places still matter — MOMA, Central Park, […]

Ch ch ch changes

Anton moved out. Andreas moved out. Belongings all sold or given away or in storage or being shipped. Fish to the cousins. Dog to the in-laws. Work visa granted. Girls with me in New York. California behind us. On our way to London. It feels very weird to own no keys. Jtf