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Chapter 1

Now since I home school and enjoy writing I  have a assignment to post chapters of a story. This is chapter one of four from a story called: Playing with the Natural, a Tale of Mortimer

                                                                                                                     Chapter 1

                                                                                                       How this Story Begins 

Mort danced around the room! He discovered a way to alter plants, now he has plants that can, through the pollen kill masses of people. Mort was called  “the mad scientist”  and for good reason too, he didn’t think of the fact that his poison plant could be very very bad! And so he goes to a science fair and shows lots and lots of people his poison plant, Amazing, a BIG break through, brilliant, SO COOL! people said.  Mort finds his plant top have gathered lots of people then rather unexpectedly the flower sneezes and pollen goes everywhere! Mort’s jaw drops as masses of people start turning purple with orange then dropping down dead. Mort walks around the dead bodies until he reaches the door form there he runs non-stop to the mayor. The mayor is standing on his podium trying to calm the people. Then a widow spots Mort and he finds himself the center of a angry mobs gaze.

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