Me and The Others

all of us

I Walk Down a Special Lane Called Memory

(all similarities to people both living or dead are merely coincidence  )

I walk down the small muddy lane that leads to the house, by “the” house I mean the house that my family lived in before we moved else where many years now past. The light is on and I can hear children happily playing upstairs. I see a little girl, no older than 3 head poke out one of the top windows and yell, “Mommy there is a girl out side looking at the house!” She yells waving I run into the bushes when the little girl turns around. I watch as her mother sticks her own head out the window and says, “It’s okay Sarah there is no one there, just your imagination.” I see her pat the little girls head and I hear the mother head back down stairs, probably to make dinner. I wish my mom could  do that for me now.


I sit high in a tree, in a orchard. I watch from far away as a mother begins to make dinner in the house while the father pick the apples. A old man chases around 2 kids, one 8 year old boy and a  girl who just turned 5, I watch as the little girl falls and begins to cry. I watch the old man lift her up in tree and look at her knee, 5 hear her say,” I’m okay, I’m a big girl now remember!”  She turns around, she sees me and waves and  I wave back, but when she turns around I flee. I wish Grandpa would lift me up, put me in a tree and ask if I am hurt when I fall.


I sit out side a old school, it must have been there for a billion years! I watch as a little girl just going into 1st grade jumps out the car door and run up the steps but is caught in her mothers loving arms, she tries to escape the embarrassing kiss on the forehead, she runs up to class her forehead still pink from rubbing off the lipstick stain. See turns around, and seeing me smiles and waves. I watch her rush through the double doors and disappear among all the children. I wait for what feels like FOREVER, when I see her face again it is different, more mature, older. She is surrounded by her friends and her light brown hair is nearly invisible. They hug and cry before jumping in their different rides, she look at where I am standing but looks right through me. Whatever happened to the child who saw the invisible, was it just gone one day or did it far away so slowly that I  never even noticed.



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